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Development Processes and Methodology

VirtuousTech Solutions utilizes the Agile Methodology for all design and development deliverables. Within the Agile scope, we have developed a simple five-step process for developing custom applications. Here is an overview of each step in the design, development, testing, implementation and launching of your new application. You are 1005 hands-on throughout this collaborative project design and build.

Listening to your needs

We will start with creation of a design document, a detailed plan outlining the design, functionality and build plan that will make up your application. Your design document is the blueprint for how your application will be constructed and built. All project details are clearly defined so you know exactly what we're developing . All of this information makes sure you're not surprised and you have the chance to approve every detail of your application project before we start to build.

Develop Functional Design Prototype

While the design document represents an intellectual/creative process, the design prototype is its emotional counterpart. Your application will begin to take shape with the design prototype. Our team will use the information and thinking behind your design document to develop the actual look and feel of your application as well as its usability. Our designers will create a look that is unique and appropriate, but also fast and functional. We're charged with making the application visually impressive and user-friendly while adhering to functionality and user requirements as set forth in your design. The bottom line is that you approve and like what we create.

Develop Application

Once you've approved the application components in the design prototype, it's time for us to put the pieces together. We will be ready to build. At this point, our project manager will take the lead in assigning tasks to the team members according to your deadline constraints. Our application designers and engineers pour over every detail. We will start producing dynamic graphics, and functional navigation, along with the application programs that will breathe life into your project. Once all of your application components are in place and quality assurance testing has been conducted, your new application will be functional and ready for next steps

User and Functionality Testing

At this point, we test, or "Ad Hoc Stage," your application so you can see exactly how it will look and operate. Only those who you authorize can access the application at this point. Together we will conduct methodical and functional testing. We set up a feedback collection process designed to make the correction cycle as efficient as possible. After any modifications are made, we ask you to go through the application to confirm that we have addressed every item on the build list. Then, with your final approval, we send the code and application to you for publishing or we can submit your application to your hosting service.

Final Application Delivery

This is your grand opening. It's time to unveil your new application to the rest of the team and world. While this is never the end of the process, it is a reason to celebrate. It means you have been instrumental in letting us successfully create a unique and functional application specifically for your users, customers and stakeholder needs. In the weeks that follow, we will monitor your application closely and ask you for feedback concerning use and any potential changes.

VirtuousTech Solutions has the expertise, personnel, and technology skills to design and build your custom application and any support application requirements.

VirtuousTech Solutions never uses templates, source coding or app designs from previous clients. All applications are highly secure including content, text, graphics, and data. We guarantee our project deliverables will be fast, secure, and free of any software bugs or viruses.

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